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Hire Private Tour Guide For Agra Sightseeing

I am Tushar Sharma, government licensed certified tour guide in Agra. I have been working as private tour guide in Agra for last 18 years and know this city like palm of my hand. I founded the company “Tour Guide Agra” six years back with team of dedicated tour veterans. One can book services of Spanish, German, Russian, Italian and Japanese speaking regional tour guide in Agra through our company. These tour guides are well qualified and imparted professional training before getting awarded with license by ministry of tourism. You can book services of private tour guide either for half day (3 hours 30 minutes) or full day (7 hours).

Our tour guides are fluent in communication and possess good knowledge of city’s history. Agra is the centre of attraction in global tourism and famous for its cultural heritage. Apart from the Taj Mahal, this city is famous for many other beautiful monuments constructed during the Mughal era like Jama Masjid, Buland Darwaza, Fatehpur Sikri, Akbar Tomb, Agra Fort etc. Tourist hire services of regional tour guide not only for local sightseeing but also for nearby excursions like Mathura Vrindavan or Bharatpur. During your sightseeing, tour guide narrates you about the Mughal dynasty in detail followed by explanation of buildings respectively. Our tour guide can report to any location (Hotel, Railway Station, Bus Station and airport in Agra to join visitor for guided sightseeing.


The wages of government licensed tour guide Agra are decided by IATO and visitor can check them at its website. Also the guide office at shilpgram parking clearly display half and full day charges of tour guide.

  • Half Day Sightseeing – INR 1800 (1-5 Pax)
  • Full Day Sightseeing – INR 2200 (1-5 Pax)
  • Half Day Sightseeing – INR 2200 (6-14 Pax)
  • Full Day Sightseeing – INR 2800 (6-14 Pax)
  • Half Day Sightseeing – INR 2800 (15-35 Pax)
  • Full Day Sightseeing – INR 3800 (15-35 Pax)
  • Foreign Language Allowance For Half Day – INR 600
  • Foreign Language Allowance For Full Day – INR 800



Some female visitors prefer to travel solo for once in life. It make their instincts even more strong with time. Keeping in mind the frequent demand of solo female travellers to hire the services of a female tour guide for the Taj Mahal, to feel secure, we have started using the service of a licensed lady guide for the Agra sightseeing tour. These lady tour guides are certified with government licenses, fluent in English and possess good knowledge of history. The price to book a female tour guide is the same as fixed by IATO.  Some female guests coming from Muslim countries like Iran, Iraq, Kuwait etc prefer female tour guides for local sightseeing because of their conservative countries where women are not comfortable with unknown males. Solo travelling really allowed me to introspect the real me and learnt so much from it.


Popular Tour Package Of Agra



You can book a government license-certified, English-speaking private tour guide from our company for touring this historical city of the Mughals. Also one can hire a foreign language (Spanish, German, Russian, French, Chinese) speaking tour escorts for the Agra sightseeing tour. They possess valid diploma and certificate of foreign language from prestigious institutes affiliated with government university. Wages of foreign language speaking tour guide or escort is higher than english speaking tour guide because language allowances are added.


The Taj Mahal, the apple of Agra’s eyes, nurtures big aspirations for the potential growth of Indian tourism. Apart from monument attractions, Agra is promoting cultural heritage tourism to bolster its tourism image. You can hire the services of a local private tour guide for the Agra heritage walk tour in which you get the opportunity to explore congested narrow lanes and old houses constructed during the Mughal era, where shop sells marble handicrafts stuff, spices, local fast food and sweet petha. So tour guide in Agra is equivalent to ambassadors of Agra’s cultural heritage and play an indispensable role in promoting tourism.


If you book an Agra half-day sightseeing tour (4 hrs) then you can explore either two local monuments – the Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort, or an excursion to Fatehpur Sikri and Jama Masjid. Tourists are advised to book a local tour guide for full-day (8 hrs) city tours to explore Agra completely. Being a regular visitor to monuments the tour guide follows your itinerary within the stipulated period and also assists visitors in taking pictures inside the Taj Mahal.


Think Agra, think Taj Mahal – widely regarded as the “sweet heart” of tourism industry in India. The local tour guides ensure proper care of the Taj Mahal like they take care of their own house. The Taj Mahal is a pristine white tomb, purposefully designed and thoughtfully crafted, contain cenotaphs of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal, situated at the bank of Yamuna river yet its foundation is invincible. The beauty and construction of the Taj Mahal is like an iceberg and you need an expert tour guide for exploring it comprehensively. We assign services of government licensed tour guides who are well trained by ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) and imparted comprehensive knowledge about Taj Mahal and other monuments in Agra during probation training period. Civil engineers from Zainabad (Iran) were invited for designing of Taj Mahal to make its foundation impregnable and immunize it from future tremors.


Being a regular visitor, the tour guide for the Taj Mahal possesses the technical knowledge to brief you about its unique geometrical construction and assist you in identifying appropriate spots famous for photography like shot from the arch of the main gate or capturing the reflection of the Taj Mahal in a central water tank. The tour guide can recommend you nearby rooftop restaurant for photography. Also, the guide can show you some photogenic locations at Agra Fort for a panoramic view of the Taj Mahal. Generally, sunrise time is considered suitable for photography because that time this beautiful monument has a minimum crowd and also changes in the colour of the Taj Mahal due to sunrise amplifying its beauty.

Foreigner ticket for the Taj Mahal with the main mausoleum is INR 1300 and for Indians, it is INR 250. All children, Indian or Foreigner, below the age of 15 years are entitled to free entry inside the Taj Mahal. You can easily buy an entry ticket for the Taj Mahal, either online or directly from the ticket booking window outside its three gates. From the website of ASI, tourists can book online entry tickets for the Taj Mahal and avail of a little discount. It saves the time of tourists which they spend at the booking window buying entry tickets.

It is not mandatory to visit the Taj Mahal with print copy of online tickets. You can show soft copy of ticket booked online while entering. The entry gates are automatic and opened spontaneously after scanning bar code of your ticket. But if you carry paper ticket from ticket window than you scan plastic coin to open the gate. For exit you need to insert this plastic coin at gate to open it.

Prima facie, it is important for tour operator to know where you want tour guide to report  – Hotel, Railway, Airport or  periphery of Agra if you are coming by surface. Email us your name, date, mobile no and reporting venue. Our team revert you confirmation with tour guide details to synchronise appropriate liaisoning. We hire services of only government licensed certified tour guide whose credentials you can verify from the website of tourism ministry.

There is no mandatory dress code for visiting the Taj Mahal. However visitors are advised to maintain  decorum because there is an adjoining mosque where local Muslim still offer their prayers on every Friday. During summer, Agra is very hot so visitors should wear light clothing and must apply sunscreen.Couple wearing wedding dress for photoshot are not allowed.

The traditional treatment to clean the marble of the Taj Mahal is mud therapy. Chemical-free mud paste (Multani Mitti) is used to restore the natural shine and colour of the Taj Mahal. The major vulnerability to the Taj Mahal is air pollution, oxidation of marble, environmental neglect and acid rain which react with the marble and form a powder-like substance (calcium nitrate and sulphur nitrate) which is then washed away by rain leaving yellow stains on it. Mud packs have been an effective way for ASI to remove the yellow stains from the surface of the Taj Mahal. ASI is not leaving any stone unturned to mitigate air pollution by reducing the use of energy derived from fossil fuels. Installing solar lamps and running electric vehicles near the Taj Mahal are commendable steps of the government to bring down air pollution. The local government is building a new dam to maintain the flow of water into the river Yamuna and checking the discharge of sewage water only after proper treatment before pouring it into the river to control water pollution.

Tour guide are not allowed to escort guest inside the Taj Mahal during night viewing on moon nights. Generally government licensed tour guide are exempted from tickets while escorting guest inside the Taj Mahal during day time. If anyone want to hire tour guide for Taj Mahal night tour that he should book moon night ticket for the tour guide at his own expense.

The Archaelogical survey of India (ASI) has inspected the basement area of the Taj Mahal on many occasion and outrightly rejected theory of 22 rooms.  They believe it rather a long arced corridor along which doors were fixed during british rule to utilize the basement area. Also these rooms are not sealed but locked by officials to prevent visitors roaming inside the basement lacking ventilation.

Testimonial About Taj Mahal

“While buying tickets do not forget to collect free mineral water bottles and shoe covers from the window near the office selling the Taj Mahal tickets. Shoes and sleepers are not allowed inside the main mausoleum, maybe to respect the tomb or clean the marble.
Cristina - Berlin
“Whenever we escort a group for the Taj Mahal sightseeing, I always ensure to give tourists free time to explore the Taj Mahal of their own because this is the main monument in the itinerary of the India tour. After that, we give visitors free time to roam around of their own"
David - Bali
“Whenever we escort a group for the Taj Mahal sightseeing, I always ensure to give tourists free time to explore the Taj Mahal of their own because this is the main monument in the itinerary of the India tour. After that, we give visitors free time to roam around of their own"
Jeson Foxx